Saturday, July 11, 2009

Okay. Most of you know that I call my husband Sgt. GrumpyPants because, well, if you have ever met him you know......he scowls a lot and generally acts grumpy. Not really all that creative on my part. To tell the truth I find his scowl to be endearing, and it turns out, hereditary. Motormouth was born with a little scowl all his own, and it was the first thing I could see and be able to say "I know just who he got THAT from!" Monkey also scowled way before he ever learned to smile, which I find comforting. But things have been changing around here, and I am starting to realize that the nickname might not be so fitting anymore. Sgt. G has become much less crabby in the past several months......and the nickname doesn't quite fit (you know, like an old pair of Pants....okay so that was a little lame.....) Don't tell anyone, but he has actually had several days where he has been downright cheerful. And dare I say, happy. Not giddy with glee or anything, but not quite so gloomy either. So, it brings me back to my dilemma. The nickname. Should it be changed? And if so, to what? Any suggestions? I have gotten quite used to Sgt. G, so something starting with the same letter would be helpful because it is hard for me to keep up with too many changes. G himself had some suggestions that weren't really fit to we will ignore them. Just like I ignore his feelings about my blog in general- now that he knows I have one.

He came back for a second helping

While living in Germany I ran into an Army wife that made mashed potatoes with mayonnaise in them to make them creamier. Sounds gross, but is actually pretty good. She confided in me that her husband was horrified at the thought of eating potatoes that way and so she has snuck the offending ingredient into the recipe ever since. I thought that was good advise, and started quietly putting mayo into our potatoes. This has worked really well for us, since the boys can't eat any form of dairy, and we only ever have vanilla flavored soy milk in the house, I use the GF/CF mayo as a milk substitute. Sgt. G caught me the last time.

Sgt. G: Oh my God. What are you doing?

Me: you should go back into the living room now.

Sgt. G: you can't be putting that into the potatoes, it's disgusting!!

Me: would it make you feel better if I told you have eaten these potatoes several times already and you never noticed before?

Sgt. G: (fingers in his ears) LaLaLaLaLa!!

Me: oh yeah? I learned this from a wife in Germany, we moved back stateside 5 YEARS ago.

Sgt. G: you have seriously put that into my potatoes before.

Me: (looking slightly guilty) Not EVERY time.