Friday, August 29, 2008

So Polite

Took Monkey to the Doctor today to get updated on immunizations. He needed two because he turned 6, and when we got there the nurse said he should also get the another chicken pox (bonus for Monkey; live virus means no school for you! at least it does in this house). I was really worried about this visit because the last Doctor visit we went on was the FIRST one ever that Monkey didn't scream or cry at, so let's give him shots this time, shall we?He did great, did everything he was supposed to, I was so proud. Now come the shots. They sent 2 nurses in (good for them) so we could pin him down. Monkey is miserable and crying really hard. 3 shots and a lot of stuggling later; the nurse hands Monkey a tissue for his tears and he responds "Thank you so much for helping my mom. *hiccup*"

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Monkey made it through the day

Yesterday was going to be a tough day for Monkey. I knew it and had been trying to prepare him. we were going to both his and T-man's schools in the a.m. for school pictures (strange they do them before school even starts, but at least I was able to be there for Monkey, so maybe it wont look like a pre-execution pic like the one 2 years ago did) and then back in the evening to meet the teachers and see the classrooms. I expected it not to go well, since any mention of school results in Monkey screaming "NO SCHOOL!!". It's not that he is afraid of the unknown here, even though he is going to Kindergarten this year, it is his 4th year of school. He practically has an associates degree in pre-school, and rode the bus all last year so he knows what he is in for. So....lots of adults, lots of crazy kids, stuffy hallways, and teachers trying to talk to him. This is the stuff Monkey nightmares are made of. But, after clearly outlining my expectations (you will behave and take a nice picture and say hi to your teacher, if you do; you get some candy and can play on the playground. If you don't, no candy, playground or Wii for the rest of the day) Monkey came through with flying colors. He let the picture lady touch him and move his face around to take the picture, and later he marched up to his teacher, waved and yelled "Hi Teacher!!" at her. He was also good at T-man's school both times. Monkey came through with flying colors, and hopefully gave his teacher hope for the coming school year. It gives me hope that we are doing the right thing by putting him in general ed for the first time. Everyone keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer that we all survive what is to come!

Monday, August 25, 2008

OH the Irony!

Took the kids to my parent's for a kid-free weekend. I managed to pack up the kids specialty foods, T-man's meds, 3 Sock Monkeys (yeah, I said 3, it woulda been 4 if we hadn't used the weekend away to retire one of them. He is in Sock Monkey Heaven now) bathing suits, video games, packed clothes in entire outfit groups (shirt, socks, undies, shorts) and in chronological order so all Grandma had to do was pull a set out of the bag, and all the usual stuff that kids travel with. I spent over 2 hours listening to and answering T-man's questions about life. "Why does Scooby-Doo keep running into ghosts?" (so they can keep making quality cartoons)"What are you and Daddy going to do without us for two days?" (Play with your LEGOs without permission)"Why do those people look like they are from the olden days?" (They are Amish) I get to my parents' and wait for over an hour for them to come home ("we'll be home by 3:30") and drive over 2 hours home. Sunday morning rolls around. We are on our way to meet Sgt. Grumpypants' parents at church to hear the pastor that married us guest preach(11 oh-so-happy years folks!!). It is then and only then that I realize that I forgot to leave the carseats with my parents (who, coincidently, didn't realize it either, so no real crisis there) We have to turn around and drive an ENTIRE 8 MILES back home. This makes us ON TIME for church, instead of the usual 20 minutes early Sgt. Grumpypants likes to be (eek!) But, it does mean that we can't stay for brunch because we need to get to my parents so they can go to a church picnic. Sgt. Grumpypants is so upset that he hardly speaks to me for the entire day. (It was explained to me later that he thought silence was better than yelling, after all, I shouldn't be forgetting something like car seats, How hard is it to remember car seats? If you leave a kid, you leave a car seat.)Monday morning comes. Sgt. Grumpypants leaves for work. Guess what Sgt. Grumpypants forgot to get out of his truck before he left? He, he, he, he.