Friday, August 29, 2008

So Polite

Took Monkey to the Doctor today to get updated on immunizations. He needed two because he turned 6, and when we got there the nurse said he should also get the another chicken pox (bonus for Monkey; live virus means no school for you! at least it does in this house). I was really worried about this visit because the last Doctor visit we went on was the FIRST one ever that Monkey didn't scream or cry at, so let's give him shots this time, shall we?He did great, did everything he was supposed to, I was so proud. Now come the shots. They sent 2 nurses in (good for them) so we could pin him down. Monkey is miserable and crying really hard. 3 shots and a lot of stuggling later; the nurse hands Monkey a tissue for his tears and he responds "Thank you so much for helping my mom. *hiccup*"

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