Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Feeling thankful and especially blessed

I'm sitting here in the hospital waiting for Motormouth to get discharged. I'm bored, I'm tired, I'm stressed, and I am indeed grateful for a great many things.

I'm grateful for successful surgeries with no complications.

I'm grateful for the Sunday afternoon nap (pre ER visit) I got to have thanks to a husband who knows I need more sleep to function than him and that is willing to hold down the fort while I rest up from the sleepless night before.

I'm grateful for parental intuition that tells you that even though there is no logical reason to take your kid to the ER, and that the hospital staff will more likely than not roll their eyes and send you home, that you just KNOW that you need to go anyway.

I'm grateful for not ever needing to worry about how we will pay for medical expenses.

I'm grateful for a husband who knows that I will be a stressed out mess if I am not the one dealing with the medical decisions.

I'm grateful for the same husband who will then come to the hospital because his son wants him to hold his hand, even though it means he has to ask the neighbor to come over and stay because the other child is sleeping AND that he would call and ask his dad to drive out so the neighbor can get back home to her own kids.

I'm grateful for good neighbors who will come over late at night and not judge the messy state of my house.

I'm grateful for the same neighbor who will lend her vehicle so the husband/Dad can drive to the hospital because the wife/Mom took his truck AND her van keys to the ER.

I'm grateful for a husband who chooses not to get ticked off about a wife that goes to the ER in his truck and leaves him no keys.

I'm grateful for inlaws who will drive out late at night to sleep on my couch and deal with annoying dogs just because their kids ask them to.

I'm grateful for the husband who will then drive back home because I am worried that the sleeping son will wake up and not be able to verbalize that he is scared about the change in routine and that grandpa, while great to have around and can totally handle any situation that might arise, is not usually there at 0300.

I'm grateful for a son who handled emergency surgery with a strength and courage I didn't know he was old enough to possess.

I'm grateful for a husband who also notices that the surgical resident was wearing a hoodie sweatshirt and can laugh about it.

I'm grateful for nurses who work the night shift in the pediatric wing.

I am grateful for the past experiences of having to handle these types of things without my husband or family nearby. It made this time around feel like a piece of cake.

I am grateful for friends and family who are willing to do whatever, whenever. I am especially grateful for the ones who understand that sometimes there isn't anything that needs done and don't make me have to come up with something for them to do just so that THEY feel better.

I am especially grateful for discharge paperwork...I wish I had some.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Can't take him anywhere

SSG G and I went out shopping and errand running today while the kids were in school. Moments where we find ourselves alone are few and far between these days (*snort* yeah, right. Make that years) and I was trying to to get some alone, grown up time while the getting was good. We went to Target, which as some of you know, is where I work (for the next week that is). We split up, we wandered around together, we found too much stuff to buy, and headed to the check out. Which, is where it all sort of came unraveled. G was chatting up the cashier and they had a pretty good back and forth going on. I realized that we had too much stuff and went to get another cart to put the bagged items in. As I am walking away I hear the cashier comment on the tank top I was getting. Something along the line of how nice G will look in it. I turn back around with the new cart just in time to see G pulling up his sleeve to show her his tattoos. Apparently he also thought he could rock my new tank top and that it would highlight his tats nicely.

She showed him hers...he showed her his....

G then spent a few seconds harassing me, to which the cashier commented that I should beat him up. G responds loudly that I cheat (as in I don't fight fair, but his exact words were "she's a cheater")......

She then rings up my soda, and G tells her not to bag it because I drink....

To sum up, in the two minutes we are in the checkout line, my husband can't keep his clothes completely on, and he announces to at least 2 employees that I cheat and drink.

Sooooo glad that I had already given my notice.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

I would suggest it even if your oven isn't filled with burnt cheese.

SSG G's parents came over for Easter dinner today. We cleaned the house (most of it anyway) and the oven and planned out the menu. G decided to attempt his dad's scalloped potatoes and called him for the recipe, bought his supplies and got it all ready this morning before church. I was also prepping food to be cooked later and was in charge of finding dishes to bake everything in. Because of the amount of food needing to be in the oven at the same time, we decided to make the ham on the grill (it was delicious, in case you were wondering) I would like to take this moment to point out that I offered G no less than three pans to make his potatoes in and he picked out the smallest of the three. I watch him layer the ingredients and try not to say anything. When he's cooking I leave him to it. But even he commented on how he had to stack everything really high in the casserole dish....needless to say his parents had only been in the house about 20 minutes before the kitchen filled with smoke due to milk, flour and cheese that boiled over and into the bottom of the oven. Hee hee heee. In case anyone was wondering, you can make green bean casserole and scalloped potatoes on the grill and they turn out pretty good. I would suggest it even if your oven isn't filled with burnt cheese. I'm so not cleaning that oven again.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 2, 2010

Just a quick reminder that April 2 is World Autism Awareness Day. Autism Speaks is suggesting that everyone where blue tomorrow to help make aware and to spark conversations about autism in your community...do what you feel comfortable with. I am celebrating in my own sick little way....G and I are having a financial planner come over to the house tonight to sit down and try to figure out our kids' future without us in it. Ah yes, facing your own mortality- always a good time. So, if you have never had to think about special needs trusts and money managers for your adult children, consider yourself lucky and kiss your little ones on their typically developing brains. If you have had to deal with this particularly unpleasant parenting aspect, or if you know you should, get to it! and know that you aren't alone.