Thursday, October 30, 2008

More of Motormouth's political views

I am a little irked with Time Kids, the school should at least have Newsweek Kids or something to balance it out.

Motormouth: Mom, Do you know who I want to be president?

Me: Who?

Motormouth: Which one is the white haired guy?, yeah, the other one? Him, I want Barak Obama to be president.

Me: Okaaaay, why? (why do I ask questions?)

Motormouth: Because if Obama is president, he is going to make preschool so we can all go there so BOTH our parents can work a really long time.

Me: Gee, that sounds like the American Dream.

Motormouth: I Know!!

Me: First of all, preschool is only for 3-4 year olds, so you couldn't go. Second of all, Daddy works really hard so I can be home with you and you don't have to be without me for a "really long time".

Motormouth: Oh, I wanted to go to preschool.

Me: Thanks, I love you too.

Motormouth: I still want Obama. He is going to help parents work long hours.

Monday, October 27, 2008

I am no longer accepting calls from Grandville Public Schools

School social worker called me about Monkey. She is part of Monkey's IEP team and they are re-evaluating him to see if he qualifies for services, etc. She let me know that he is eligible for services (duh) and that they have finished testing him. She also then asks if he has been to a psychologist and been given any diagnosis'. You mean, besides the one for Autism? She has noticed that Monkey has started squinting/blinking and making a 'slurping' sound sometimes for no apparent reason. (I too have noticed these in the past few weeks) Are they tics, or stims? I dunno, we haven't ever had an issue with tics, so I was just watching and hoping they would go away. Well, maybe we should get his vision tested. I almost started laughing (probably not a good idea to ever laugh at a social worker that is dealing with your kid) This is coming from a person that has struggled to test Monkey for the past few weeks. She KNOWS that it takes this kid several meetings for him to warm up enough to you to do anything besides yell "NO" and/or lay on the floor when you ask something of him, and you better have a skittle or something so when he does what you request, he has enough motivation to do something else for you. At least this method works best for school testing purposes. Sure lady, I will take him off to the doctor, and take him into a dark room and try to get him to look into the funny eye machine and answer questions asked by some stranger. I bet we will have an accurate vision test in minutes!! (I bet I will have a killer migraine in minutes!) But, what do you do? As a parent, and former mandated reporter of child abuse/neglect, I know that if I don't follow through with her suggestion for the eye exam, and he continues to squint, she can accuse me of neglect. But, she KNOWS there is no way to actually do this testing right now. Do I waste my time and money, torture Monkey for no good reason, and frustrate some poor eye doc just so I can say we tried? Nope, I will wait for her to bring it up again, and very sweetly ask when the school is doing IT'S next vision screening, and will she please be available to go with him so they can get an accurate test, since she KNOWS my kid so well now. I know you are just trying to do your job, but could you at least think before you speak, and not ask me to do something that can't really be done right now, and may not even need to be done at all? It is an offhand comment to you, but a bunch of stress for me, because here I am worrying and second-guessing whether or not I am doing the right thing for my kid. AAAARRRRGGGGUUUUHHHHH!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What DO third graders talk about at lunch?

This morning when Motormouth got up Sgt. G had already turned on the news, it was recapping the riviting "debate" from last night.
Motormouth: Hey! That's John McCain!!

Me: And......? Do you know him?

Motormouth: Yes, he is going to be the next president of the United States.

Me: No, he is TRYING to be the next president, so is that guy standing next to him, his name is Barack Obama, we have to vote next month to choose who the president will be.

Motormouth: It's John McCain, not Bara-Bomba.

Me: How do you know?

Motormouth: Because John McCain is one of the good guys, and the bomb guy is just TRYING to be one of the good guys.

I am not sure where he gets his information from, but it must be nice to be so certain.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

I always suspected....

At the mall last weekend waiting to catch a movie with the family. I ended up with both boys in the bathroom while Sgt. G got dinner.

Me: Monkey, please go potty before the movie. See, Motormouth has to go too.

Monkey: Noooo!

Me: Yes. Or no movie.

Monkey: (always the negotiator) uh...No Wash Hands!!

Me: Yes, we always wash our hands after using the bathroom.

Monkey: No

Me: Yes.

Motormouth: When we go with Daddy, he doesn't let us wash our hands.

Lady in Stall Next To Us: hee, hee, hee