Thursday, October 30, 2008

More of Motormouth's political views

I am a little irked with Time Kids, the school should at least have Newsweek Kids or something to balance it out.

Motormouth: Mom, Do you know who I want to be president?

Me: Who?

Motormouth: Which one is the white haired guy?, yeah, the other one? Him, I want Barak Obama to be president.

Me: Okaaaay, why? (why do I ask questions?)

Motormouth: Because if Obama is president, he is going to make preschool so we can all go there so BOTH our parents can work a really long time.

Me: Gee, that sounds like the American Dream.

Motormouth: I Know!!

Me: First of all, preschool is only for 3-4 year olds, so you couldn't go. Second of all, Daddy works really hard so I can be home with you and you don't have to be without me for a "really long time".

Motormouth: Oh, I wanted to go to preschool.

Me: Thanks, I love you too.

Motormouth: I still want Obama. He is going to help parents work long hours.

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