Thursday, May 13, 2010

Can't argue with his logic.

The Friday before Mother's day both boys came home with their handmade Mother's Day treasures. I love this day, it's even better than the handmade Christmas gifts they make because these ones I don't even have to consider sharing with G. I get downright Scrooge-ish about these trinkets, to me they are amazing. I treasure all my little woven coasters, weird lumps of painted clay, plaster hand prints, and laminated poems. G thinks I'm a little weird, and I don't care. Other moms know exactly how priceless these things are. Anyway, Motormouth came home with his and wanted to wait until the official day for unveiling. I was a little miffed, but I sucked it up. Monkey was a different story. He came home all excited, pulled out his little pink gift bag and announced that he had a present!!! Look!! Look!! A present!!!.....for him. The next minute or two involved three grownups trying to convince Monkey that maybe the present was supposed to be for Mommy. Monkey was unconvinced, but let me help him open "his" present. It was a clay pinch pot that he hand painted. Monkey announces how beautiful his present is. The grown ups try again to remind him that maybe he had made this for Mommy. Monkey flips the clay pot over and shows me the bottom. "Look (you clueless Mommy trying to steal my present) My name!" sure enough, Monkey's name was scratched into the bottom of the clay. Can't argue with that.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Did it make me cry? You bet.

Motormouth's Mother's Day Poem

I Love You Mom
You are as sweet as Starburst candy.
You are as pretty as a rose flower.
You are as gentle as a feather.
You are as nice as new Legos.
You are as funny as a fuzzy bunny.
You are as cute as a cute puppy.
You are like a beautiful rainbow.
He had me at nice as new Legos. Those are pretty awesome.