Sunday, February 8, 2009

What goes around....

Sgt. G is trying to watch a movie with Motormouth. Motormouth has never seen it, and keeps asking questions about what is going to happen next. About everything. Constantly. Sgt. G gets frustrated and tells him to be quiet and watch. If he would just watch he would know what would happen and wouldn't have to ask. I am sitting here giggling quietly (okay, not so quietly) and finally Sgt. G notices my glee.

Sgt. G: What!?

Me: Like Father like son. Only he asks questions instead of loudly pointing out the obvious.

If you have never had the pleasure of seeing a movie with my husband, you are really missing out. He makes sure you don't miss a thing by informing you of everything you just saw, and by repeating key lines of the movie. It is like being married to Captain Obvious. I assumed for years that he thought I was an idiot or something that I couldn't follow a basic plot line until I watched a movie sitting between him and his mom. She routinely asks what just happened or what was just said. Turns out he was trained from a young age to irritate me.

Keep on Keeping on Motormouth.

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