Sunday, December 6, 2009

It doesn't take me long to buy everything on my list.

I love my kids. They very much live in their own little world. They get this from me, I know, and I can say from experience that your own world is nice. No one bothers you there. We don't deal with the social pressure that plagues most parents this time of year, because our kids are clueless as to what is the popular or hot toy. We don't listen to "I HAVE to get this for Christmas" "I NEED this toy, EVERYBODY has one!" all season long. It's nice. It does have it's drawbacks though, because we often have no clue what to buy the kids because they don't ask for anything. (note to all parents who are listening to their kids beg, plead and whine right now; at least you know what they want) My mother in law would tell you a different story, since I guess Motormouth circled every toy he wanted in her Target toy catalog while at her house one weekend, but I have yet to see or hear about anything he wanted.

Imagine my surprise this year when Motormouth points to a game being advertised on TV and says "I want that". Really? super. Anything else? Nope. just that. Riding in the car this weekend we are discussing that maybe Motormouth should write a list, and he is resisting the idea. I turn to Monkey. "What would you like for Christmas?" I ask, not really expecting a good response. "Jingle bell" he answers. "A blue one".

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