Friday, March 5, 2010

The best laid plans.

G comes home tonight and I am excited. Finally going to get back to our version of "normal". When I am begging someone else to get up with the kids in the morning so I can "sleep in" until 0700...I won't be talking to myself!! Yeah! In fact, I am so excited that I wanted to do something to celebrate. I settled on taking the kids to the Lego Discovery Center in Chicago. We took to the LegoLand a couple times when we lived in Germany and the only one in the states is in California, so this is the next best thing as far as lego excitment goes. I talked to G and he was up for it, even though it meant more time in the car after driving home from Missouri tonight. I worked out how to feed the kids in a place that doesn't allow outside food brought in (they will if you ask nicely), crunched numbers on ticket prices (day pass vs. yearly pass) and even looked at hotels in case we wanted Lego fun two days in a row (Lego Weekend Extravaganza!!! What on earth did we do before we had kids....I'm trying to remember). The only crimp in the plan was that I needed to feed the neighbors rabbits this weekend, which would be fine, I would just have to do it Saturday morning and when we got home Sunday night.

Then I remembered.

We. have. dogs.

And the people who watch them when we go out of town are:

You guessed it. The neighbors.

How do you forget that you own dogs?

It's not like we got them last week.

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