Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Attack Dog

Rocky is on the warpath today. He stayed outside for an hour this morning so he could moniter the movements of a plastic bag that was threatening our house and all it's occupants by laying in our front yard. He then continued his security patrol by barking and growling hysterically in every room of our house until I would come and chase him out and into the next one. His ears prick up and his hackles raise every time the refridgerator kicks on. This is a 12 lb. Army of One dedicated to driving me out of my mind. I had attempted to organize the kid's dressers and dust the house today, but I finally gave up so I could come and protect the dog from himself. He responded by stretching out in the sun and falling asleep. What did I do this afternoon? I watched a dog breathe. I feel postively productive.

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