Thursday, November 27, 2008

Went to bed and was asleep for about 10 minutes, when I wake up to a really loud crashing/banging sound. It lasts about 4 seconds and stops. Then there is a series of bangs. I sit up in bed. Then there is another louder series of crashing/banging that lasts about 6 seconds. Rocky lets out this really pathetic, quiet growl. (This is the dog that has been on hyper-vigilant mode since Sgt. G left- barking and growling at nothing all evening in an effort to 'protect' me). I say to him "oh, you're soo tough now that there is actually a threat!" Then I realize that talking to the dog is probably not the smartest thing to do when there is an intruder in the house. I then have the following thoughts:
1. Oh my God, there is actually something out there
2. At least all of my valuables are sleeping peacefully at Grandma's
3. Which means the guy who: a) knows where the ammo is, b) has the keys for the boxes that the ammo and Glock are locked in and c) has actually shot people, is also at Grandma's.
4. great.
I get up and creep through the kitchen, everything is clear. I can still hear scuffling coming from the living room. I decide that giving the impression that I am crazy isn't such a bad idea, so I turn to Rocky (who is slinking behind me with his tail between his legs) and say "if there IS someone in there, I am THROWING you at them." I peek into the living room and see the above picture.

this cage had been on a 3 foot high bookshelf. They somehow launched themsevles off of it, hitting the back of the couch and end table on the way down.
Now my only thought is- I am SOOOO glad I cleaned that cage today.

you should be scared, you dumb bunnies-I HAD BEEN the only thing between Sgt. G and a pair of bunny slippers.

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