Monday, December 1, 2008

Good Grief!

As some of you know Sgt. Grumpypants went north to hunt with his dad and other assorted male family members after Thanksgiving. Saturday I mentioned the word Daddy and that caused Monkey to stand at the front door looking out the window for him for 15 minutes (it was a little sad, and disturbing from a military family standpoint-he had only been gone a couple of days. He has been home WAY to much, I guess). So I sent Sgt. G a text to call home, not that Monkey would talk to him on the phone, but he could at least hear his voice on speaker phone, right? No answer, so over an hour later I sent him another text. Cell phone coverage is spotty, but usually the texts get through. Still nothing. I am starting to get a little irritated, since it is then I realized that Sgt. G didn't call the night before to tell his kids goodnight either, and I grumbled a little under my breath about not calling. Motormouth overhears me and says very matter-of -factly:"He's probably been killed."
Me: WHAT??? why would you say that???
Motormouth: "or he's lost in the woods." He shrugs. (no more movies for you, ya little desenstized monster!)
Okay, I try not to be one of those wives that calls and harasses her husband when he is out with the guys, I at least try not to give the impression that he is whipped, but give me a break!!"Motormouth, Daddy is fine, I am sure that he is, if he wasn't they would have called, okay??? Here, I will call the cottage and prove it"I call. Sgt. G picks up and almost immediatly says he is sorry. I can hear the guys laughing in the background....I explain what Motormouth said and the reason that I was calling. Sgt. G talks to Motormouth, who now is almost in tears; I guess he really had been worried, and just didn't say anything all weekend. Poor kid.Now we both feel like terrible parents, Sgt. G for not calling before bedtime, and me not realizing that anyone would want to talk to him. (I guess that makes me a bad wife too, huh?) At least I am still used to him being gone and not hearing from him for weeks at a time....

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