Thursday, December 25, 2008

Sgt G and I are making Motormouth's bed.
Sgt. G: Those are sheets for our bed
Me: no they are not, these are full, not queen(repeat these 2 statements with various phrasing a couple more times)
Me: (big sigh I learned from my mother as we stretch the sheet over the corners) I'm waiting..
Sgt. G: You were right.
Me: And?
Sgt. G: Which more importantly, were right.
Me: ah, not what I was looking for
Sgt. G: (as Motormouth wanders into his room) I can't say it in front of the kid
Me: Like he doesn't already know
Sgt. G: Okay, you were right, which more importantly means- I was wrong.
Me: Did Daddy just say anything you didn't already know?
Motormouth: Nope. You're always right. Daddy's not.
Sgt. G: Traitor
Motormouth: She knows everything you do too, just like Santa Claus

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