Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I think I know the reason(s) I am crazy

This is a recap of a few of the conversations I have had today. I think a combination of this cold, cold medication, dead-end conversations, circulatory speaking and repetitive demands are really starting to take their toll on me. Help me. Please.
Me: Did you go on your field trip today?
Motormouth: yup.
Me: Where did you go? (I know I signed the permission slip, so I know I am a bad mom for not knowing this already)
Motormouth: I'm right here.
Me: I don't mean now, I mean for the field trip.
Motormouth: I don't know the name of the street.
Me: Okay (deep breath, we will try this another way)....what did you do?
Motormouth: we left bags.
Me: oh! for the food drive!! (I remember!!!)
Motormouth: Duh.(only problem with this is that I SWEAR they did the food drive at the beginning of last week, because we got a note home that Motormouth wasn't dressed warmly enough, so now I am back at the beginning)

Me: You brought home a library book.
Monkey: Yes.
Me: I will read it to you before bed, okay?
Monkey: okay.Me: (I read the title) 'I am an Ankylosaurus'. Wait, I think Daddy will read this too you. (I just want to hear him try to say Ankylosaurus)
Monkey: No Daddy! I play Batman? (repeat last phrase about 4 times a minute for 10 minutes)

phone rings
Sgt G: I priced caps for my truck, since we are getting another dog we will need the cap because she wont fit in the truck with us.
Me: and?
Sgt. G: total price $1800
Me: yeah right.
Sgt. G: We have been talking about a cap for the truck
Me: no you have been talking about a cap, I have been doing what's called 'being polite'- but I think I am done now. Can't we just put her in a kennel and strap it to the back?
Sgt. G: (horrified) No!
Me: We could take the mini-van, if that dog wont fit in there then we need to seriously reconsider.
Sgt. G: We can talk about it later
Me: You might want to wait until I take more Nyquil
Sgt. G: good idea!
(if this doesn't work I am sure he will frustrate me into submission ala Motormouth, or wear me down with repetitiveness like Monkey. Those kids had to learn it from someone.)

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