Wednesday, December 31, 2008

He's almost fully trained!

Me: You know what sounds good? Chinese food. mmmmm

Sgt. G: ih.

Me: ih?? It's Chinese!

Sgt. G: just don't know if it sounds good.

Me: oh, well, what does?

Sgt. G: no, you want Chinese, you are going to end up getting Chinese. Which means I'M going to have to go back out and get it for you.

Me: I COULD go get it myself, and I can stop and get you something, or we can both eat what you want.

Sgt. G: Please, if you want Chinese, you will have it, and I will go back out into the cold and wind and get it for you....but you have to order it.

Me: oooh. tough negotiator.

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