Thursday, December 18, 2008

Back off Lady!

Why can't people leave Monkey alone in the checkout line? I get that you are standing there, and you are bored and trying to entertain yourself, but when you try to talk to the kid and he ignores you, that is your first clue. When you get more in his face and he says "no" - listen. When you try again and his mother tells you that he doesn't talk to strangers, take the hint. Don't keep trying to engage him in conversation. I am actually happy that he won't talk to you, because we don't know you. I shouldn't have to tell you that he has Autism as a reason for his behavior when you are the one that has trouble reading social cues.One other thing, don't give food or candy to kids when you don't have their parent's permission, or even their attention. And when my kid tells you he can't eat that because it will make him feel funny, don't tell him that he can or that it will be fine just this once. Who the hell are you to decide that? ARGH!!

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