Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mindy the Wonder Dog

I took the new puppy to the vet today, to get her first vaccine and to have her checked for a UTI, because honestly, I need her to have one. This cute little thing pees every 10 minutes, which is enough to drive anyone trying to potty train crazy. Give me a break, it is 20 degrees outside here. First thing I did when we brought her home was look up info on paper training online, just to refresh my memory. The article says to take her out after she wakes up, eats, drinks, has a play session, or every 45 minutes. Crap, that comes out to every 10 minutes....the second thing I did was buy her an enclosure I could put in the kitchen so I could paper the whole darn thing. This would be all fine and dandy if she wasn't peeing in her bed. Since she can't seem to get out of her bed without having an accident, we went to the vet. Ooh, I forgot about the urine sample! Let me tell you, getting a urine sample from a dog is great fun. If you haven't ever had the pleasure, you should try it. A lady at work said her vet told her to try to catch it in a soup ladle as the dog was going to the bathroom. Are you KIDDING me? (picturing myself duck-walking behind this puppy while she is trying to pee, armed with a ladle...yeeeaaaaah...no.) I trapped Mindy in the kitchen and gave her a bunch of water, like I said, we only had to wait 10 minutes, and ta-da! I have a sample. On another note, I now need a new turkey baster....anyway, off to the vet we go. The vet says the sample was too diluted so they would just give us the antibiotics to try. (you mean I could have saved my turkey baster?) I did ask if it was normal for a puppy to go where she sleeps, because I had always heard that they would try really hard to avoid doing that. His response "Usually, unless they are just too stupid, which happens, but Akitas aren't really known for that..." We both look down at Mindy; who is chasing her tail. "But, it's not really looking too good."

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