Monday, February 22, 2010

I don't know what to do with free time.

It's true. I don't. Which is a little scary, since for the past 5 years or so I have been clinging to the idea of free time as a life preserver. You know, those little mantras that you tell yourself so you can get through the season, the week, the day, or in my case...the next five minutes. Oh, all the glorious things that I will do once I get some free time. If I can just hold out until G is off work, or Monkey is in school a full day, or when I have a (hehehe) day off...then all the fantastic possibilities that I can possibly dream of will await me. So here I am, staring down an entire week of of free time and finding it to be a little terrifying. I had made a little list of things that I would do during my week off from included not picking up or cleaning anything for at least 3 days, taking naps whenever I felt the slightest bit sleepy, reading books for fun, not changing out of my sweat pants all day, letting the laundry pile up, and making the kids' toaster waffles for dinner so I don't have to cook. I have to tell you, it's been three days and I have already accomplished everything on that list. So, what to do now? I desperately want to clean my house, since I think the mess is making me teeter on the brink of mental instability, but I know how fast I will get it done, then I will be back to having nothing to do. EEEEK. I was planning on NOT making a mental to-do list this week because, after all, I'm freeeeee!!!! But really, I need a plan. Or a hobby. Or a job. Something I can accomplish in a week. Like....I have no idea. I even googled it and came up dry. That is indeed how desperate I am. Oh, look, while writing this I have wasted, I mean, constructively used 20 minutes. Only 11,051 minutes to go.

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