Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Why again to I take my kids into public?

Motormouth got the pleasure of going with me to buy books for my classes at the campus bookstore.

Motormouth: (eyeing the 4 books I am carrying to the cash register) Those are way heavier than my school books.

Me: yes, and your school just gives your's to you, I have to buy mine.

Motormouth: really? That's weird.

Me: not really, I am paying to go to school, so it sort of makes sense that I would have to pay for books too. You pay for school when it is your choice to go. It's free when you have to go.

Motormouth: Why would anyone pay to go to school?

The cashier rings me up and gives me the slip to sign.

Motormouth: (reading the reciept) 415 DOLLARS???? THAT'S CRAZY!!

Lady behind us: Preach it, little man.

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